Photograph by Jeff Paitson

We are thrilled with the response from our students. This is but a small sample of the letters and emails we have received from photographers who have taken the course.

“Thank you for a great Photoshop learning experience! I loved every minute of it.

My great uncle was a pro golfer (1926 US Open, 1926 Western Open – a major back then)…played with Jones, Hagen, Sarazen, etc…hence my interest in golf history. One day, a few years ago, on one of my “golf club collection hunting expeditions” in Palm Springs, I happen to see the 1934, 38 PGA Champ Paul Runyan giving a lesson on the range. I went up to him after and introduced myself…hoping for some golf history tid-bits. Runyan played in the first Masters with Bobby Jones. I had already talked to Gene Sarazen, and Harry Cooper on the phone…all 1920’s golf greats. Anyway, Runyan asked me about my game. Had me hit a few balls…and for the next three days I would be paying him for lessons. We worked on long and short game (he said he was a very good long game player, despite the fact everyone said he was a great short game player). The lessons were awesome! I learned more about the golf swing than history during these three days…opposite of what I thought. I went home with the same enrichment that I left your classes with. I have taken many classes, and at SCC when you take a class, often you just get someone holding your hand through a book. No real experience with it. It was great taking a Photoshop class from a true pro Photographer and Print Maker.

I have taken many lessons in different things. Though I have taken lessons from only two “Masters” in my mind….Paul Runyan and you.

Again, thanks for the great Photoshop classes!”

“All photographers need to learn Photoshop techniques at some level just as we learned to use traditional devices and methods. It’s the most powerful imaging tool yet devised. Few of us will really maximize Photoshop’s potential, but the PDI course will open the door and allow you to do things you never thought possible. I look forward to taking the intermediate course this year!”
Mark Culbertson

“The knowledge gained from the PDI digital classes has not only increased my understanding of digital photography but has increased company revenue we were losing by contracting out the work.”
Dino Tonn

“This was a fun and rewarding class, I miss it! The program was very well prepared by Don and Steve. The techniques were well explained and covered a variety of tips enhancing or transforming any type of photograph the way you want them to be. The class enabled me to quickly start working with my pictures and gave me a boost to do even more with them in the future. Thank you Don and Steve.”
Sylvia Mousseux

“I have taken other Photoshop classes in the past, but only with PDI’s class did I finish with a working knowledge that made an immediate impact on my work. Each session was invaluable and exciting. I was also amazed at how smoothly and successfully the class handled every level of Photoshop experience.”
Karen Shell

“The class was great. The passion you express in your work makes the classroom learning experience top notch in my book. The skills I learned have provided me with a great foundation that will take me to the next level in my photography. I am no longer intimidated by Photoshop.”
Tony Willis

“Steve is passionate about each participant finding their path to the photos that are indeed unique to them. His patience is or should be legendary. The power of his knowledge is that he wants to share it, see it light the sparks in learners eyes. His enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. Could hardly wait to get back from class at 10:30 PM and start actions and printing….the refinement in my personal approach to my work is absolutely thrilling to me. Steve brings the darkroom back to us via the computer and the results possible are awe inspiring. It is incredibly exciting. I will take every class he offers and do the workshops when possible. His enthusiasm and the ability to impart the passion to the class is paramount. A thank you seems hardly enough Steve.”
Sally Ruscitti