Essential Photoshop Bootcamp


No more fumbling with your images, wondering what to do next and trying to make them look as wonderful on the screen as they do in your head.

No more Youtube searches, trying to follow along with someone who is speaking a different language – and trying to make out subtitles… if there are any.

No more wasted time starting over from the beginning with no hope of even remembering what you did before it all went to hell and you surrendered to the insanity.

It is time for you to become the one in control when it comes to your imagery.

With this workshop, you will learn the essential “must-know moves” of Photoshop, when and why to use them and in which order they should be used. All in one day!

One Essential Photoshop Bootcamp day.

Make your image “pop” – whether you are making a print or putting it on your website.

Photoshop is a program that can work well with procedures and step-by-step actions. When you know the sequence, and understand what Photoshop is doing, your images will simply knock you out. Whether you want to tweak an already great capture, or fix one that needs a lot of help, this set of procedures and step-by-step instructions will have you up to speed no matter how little you know about Photoshop now.

Steve has created an awesome workbook for this class and it is yours to keep.



The first bootcamp will be on Saturday July 19th. The class will meet from 9-5 and lunch is included.

You can enroll here or on the Schedule page.