About PDI

Photoshop shouldn’t be intimidating or difficult to use. At ProDigital Image, we are committed to making Photoshop as easy to use as possible. We explain how it works the way it does, as well as why it does so. This approach gives the student a solid foundation from which to continue on with Photoshop as they make, and process their images.


I’m Steve Burger. I teach these classes in Photoshop because I love photography and the power of Photoshop.

My love is in making great prints. I started out making them in the darkroom. I studied the great master print makers, Wynn Bullock, Paul Campinegro, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams to name a few. Ansel used to think of his negatives as a musical score. Something easily read. He called the printing of his negatives the performance of the score.