Photoshop shouldn’t be intimidating or difficult to use. At ProDigital Image, we are committed to making Photoshop as easy to use as possible. We explain how it works the way it does, as well as why it does so. This approach gives the student a solid foundation from which to continue on with Photoshop as they make, and process their images.

My love is in making great prints.

I started out making them in the darkroom. I studied the great master print makers, Wynn Bullock, Paul Campinegro, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams to name a few. Ansel used to think of his negatives as a musical score. Something easily read. He called the printing of his negatives the performance of the score.

I have been working with Photoshop for over two decades. It is the most incredibly powerful tool for photographers that I know of. Creating images on the digital camera is the first half of the creative process. The second half is making the files be a true expression of what you, the photographer, wanted to portray with the image.

I have taught group classes for fifteen years.

Watching the students work grow so dramatically in only a few weeks was truly a joy. These days I am seeking more one-on-one engagements with photographers who want to gain the maximum power of their work with a full and comprehensive understanding of Photoshop. I am totally photography centric in my teaching and work. If you want to truly master Photoshop, and make images that reveal your vision, give me a call and we can discuss a one-on-one session tailored to your unique needs.

This is the fastest way to master what you need to either get started with Photoshop, or refine and expand your knowledge to a higher level.

I work with you to assess your level, and we work together to establish the goals and outcomes of the mentorship. From one and two meeting instructional times to a regularly scheduled mentorship program, I am flexible enough to handle your specific circumstances.

One-On-One Photoshop training may be your ticket to a far higher experience and quality of image.

Planning on a trip to Phoenix and want some quality Photoshop instruction? I am available for one-on-one teaching and can handle small groups as well. A perfect holiday adventure – photographing the beauty of Arizona, and learning how to get the most from your images.

Contact me with the form at the bottom of this page, and we can work together to find time for some excellent Photoshop training.


Digital Fine Art Printing Seminar

Are you a digital photographer that sells Fine Art?

If so this workshop is for you. Steve Burger has had a passion for making great Fine Art Prints for many years. In this workshop he will teach you all of his favorite techniques to make that special print that seems to “Come To Life”. The great master photographers would make their prints in the darkroom. Today they are made on a Professional Ink Jet Printer.

October 16,17,18th. Friday Saturday and Sunday 9:00-5:00
Held at ImageCraft 3401 E. Broadway Rd. 85040

Friday 9-5:
Classroom Photoshop Instruction and going through workbook

Saturday 9-5:
Making test prints and printing all day

Sunday 9-5:
Making test prints and 16×20 inkjet finals. ImageCraft will output a 40 inch print of your favorite image. Additional 40 inch prints will be available for $35.00 each

The fee for this class is $899 and it is limited to ten (10) participants only.

Lunch is provided for all workshop attendees.

This is a rare opportunity, so enroll ASAP. The Master Print Maker Workshops sell out early.



Digital Fine Art Printing Seminar

This workshop is the chance of a lifetime to work with Steven Burger and Peter Mortimer. Steve and Peter have put on many workshops together over the years. Both will spend time individually going over your work. Peter was the picture editor for Arizona Highways for many years. He has a great ability to look at and talk about images.

Each person will have a workstation and a Print lighting area to evaluate their prints.

A technician will be provided to load and send the images to the two Epson 3880 printers. The print will then be evaluated under the print viewing light with Steve and Peter and a game plan will be decided to improve the print. This evaluation process will teach you how to look at the image in a print makers mindset.

Bring some images and see how great they can look printed. All test prints wiil be 8.5×11. Final print sizes will be 16×20’s and 30×40’s. This workshop is also good for fine art photographers that don’t make their own inkjet prints but deal with a printing facility to make their fine art prints. ImageCraft will be working with us to output your favorite images to 30×40 size. The process is to make a killer inkjet print after test prints have been made. Then the same file will be given to the ImageCraft technician to output the same file to 30×40. ImageCraft is the premiere place to have your fine art images printed. Each participant will leave with the knowledge of how to prep their files so their fine art inkjet prints will match the 30×40 print that ImageCraft will make.

Each participant will be given a print box to hold all of the images made during the workshop. There are prints and then there are fine art prints. This workshop is all about learning the little techniques that will make you image come to life!
Topics covered:

  • Printing technologies
  • Color Management and profiles. Both X-RITE and Spyder Print Software will be on hand.
  • Fine tuning the printCourse handouts:
  • Steve’s Fine Art Print Makers workbook
  • Steve’s Advanced Photoshop workbook.

Workshop is limited to ten, so sign up today.

I got my passion for fine art prints many years ago in the darkroom. Today the passion stronger than ever. This a real hands on workshop and a lot of fun.
Steve Burger

Assisting Steve and also working with you will be former Arizona Highways picture editor J. Peter Mortimer. As a photographer, Peter’s pictures have been published all over the world. Since 1990 he has sold-out over 200 Arizona Highways Photo-Workshops. Peter brings years of experience in pre-visualizing what a photographic print should look like. How digital software and digital printing can enhance already excellent images is part of what he will share with you.


Essentials Photoshop Seminar

This all day seminar is for students that need an overall, photographically targeted class in Photoshop. Essentials are the tools you need to make the best use of your time and work in Photoshop. From opening and preparing the RAW files to color correcting and sharpening, this class is a primer for all of those who are new to Photoshop.

Each participant will receive a workbook that will outline all of the techniques taught. They also will receive a set of images that are used in the book. Just pull out the book and bring up the specific image and follow the steps. With practice these steps will become second nature. Once the steps are second nature, the next step is developing the feel of each adjustment. This feel only comes by opening image after image and going through the sequence of steps.


Photoshop Seminar

This all day seminar is for students that have taken our Essentials Photoshop Seminar or anyone with a basic knowledge of Photoshop. The Seminar comes with a a workbook that will give you a sequence of steps to work with on your images. This workflow will become second nature with practice. If you work with Photoshop but still have some gaps in your knowledge, bring your questions. There will be a question and answer session that will help you understand what you are missing.

Over the years I have developed some exceptional  Photoshop techniques that I use when I’m working on my images. I look forward to sharing favorite ones with you in this unique seminar. You may bring some of your images to work on (flash drive only, please), or you can work on the images that are supplied with the workbook.

Seminar held from 9AM t 4PM

Classes are held at Image Craft,
3401 E Broadway Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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At work at the Seminar.

Upcoming Workshops Information


ProDigitalImage is working on some new workshops designed for portrait, landscape and architectural photographers. Please stand by while we complete these new workshops. More information coming soon.

Thank you for your patience.

“The knowledge gained from the PDI digital classes has not only increased my understanding of digital photography but has increased company revenue we were losing by contracting out the work.”

Dino Tonn

“This was a fun and rewarding class, I miss it! The program was very well prepared by Don and Steve. The techniques were well explained and covered a variety of tips enhancing or transforming any type of photograph the way you want them to be. The class enabled me to quickly start working with my pictures and gave me a boost to do even more with them in the future. Thank you Don and Steve.”

Sylvia Mousseux

“I have taken other Photoshop classes in the past, but only with PDI’s class did I finish with a working knowledge that made an immediate impact on my work. Each session was invaluable and exciting. I was also amazed at how smoothly and successfully the class handled every level of Photoshop experience.”

Karen Shell


Our two Photoshop books are not meant to teach the whole program. They are taught from a photographers perspective. Each book puts together a series of lessons that will not only teach how the program works, but give you techniques to use everyday. With Photoshop it’s about building up your bag of tricks. Once you start getting the lessons down, each book creates a workflow or sequence to work on your images.

Pro Digital Image: Photoshop is a fantastic book for the new user and anyone who wants to learn Photoshop in a clear and user-friendly manner.

Pro Digital Image: Raw File Techniques explores the correct way to work with Raw files of every kind. If you are working in Raw, you need this book.

The books come with a set of images that are used in the lessons. Just open the image used in the lesson, practice the lesson a few times and then try it on one of your own images. With Photoshop it’s all about remembering the techniques learned. My students have commented how they can easily refer back to the book when they get stuck. If that’s not enough, each book comes with e-mail support.

Purchase the books securely on our order pages.

The Photoshop Book.

Perfect for the beginner and basic intermediate photographer.

Purchase the book.

The Advanced Photoshop Book.

This book is developed to be the companion to the Photoshop Book from Steve’s basic class (above). This book will open your eyes to the advanced controls available to you on Photoshop’s newest versions. This book also comes with work files for you to use while doing the tutorials. NOTE, this is a large download of 1.2GB.

Purchase the Advanced Book.

Buy Both and Save

You can save $10 by purchasing both books at the same time. Get both the Photoshop Book and the Advanced Photoshop Book for only $29.95. Immediate download after purchase.

Purchase both books here.

“All photographers need to learn Photoshop techniques at some level just as we learned to use traditional devices and methods. It’s the most powerful imaging tool yet devised. Few of us will really maximize Photoshop’s potential, but the PDI course will open the door and allow you to do things you never thought possible. I look forward to taking the intermediate course this year!”

Mark Culbertson

“The class was great. The passion you express in your work makes the classroom learning experience top notch in my book. The skills I learned have provided me with a great foundation that will take me to the next level in my photography. I am no longer intimidated by Photoshop.”

Tony Willis

“Steve is passionate about each participant finding their path to the photos that are indeed unique to them. His patience is or should be legendary. The power of his knowledge is that he wants to share it, see it light the sparks in learners eyes. His enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. Could hardly wait to get back from class at 10:30 PM and start actions and printing….the refinement in my personal approach to my work is absolutely thrilling to me. Steve brings the darkroom back to us via the computer and the results possible are awe inspiring. It is incredibly exciting. I will take every class he offers and do the workshops when possible. His enthusiasm and the ability to impart the passion to the class is paramount. A thank you seems hardly enough Steve.”

Sally Ruscitti


I have more workshops and tools coming in 2015. If you would like to be notified when I am doing something special, or if you just want to contact me for any reason, fill out this form and I will get your message. We do no spamming or sharing of your email with anyone. Have a wonderful and creative day.

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